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Test Your Metal


Test Your Metal 2016 Winners

Rx team winners:
1. Explode, CrossFit Explode
2. Be About Your Business, South Mountain CrossFit & Central Bucks CrossFit
3. Big Butts and I Can Not Lie, South Mountain CrossFit

Scaled team winners:
1. Kelsey Yocum’s Team, SYR CrossFit
2. #beatkevin, CrossFit Rock Solid
3. Crusty Couples, SYR CrossFit

Rx male winners:
1. Ross Hoffman, CrossFit Threefold
2. Jonathan Edel, Central Bucks CrossFit
3. Jimmy Hirsch, Steel Caliber CrossFit

Rx female winners:
1. Jonna Trexler, South Mountain CrossFit
2. Lori Barth, CrossFit Adoration
3. Kat Dumas, CrossFit Adoration

Scaled male winners:
1. Nick Adams, CrossFit Drums
2. Vinnie Occhiena, CrossFit Hershey
3. Michael Sparano, CrossFit Adoration

Scaled female winners:
1. Aliyah Emas, CrossFit Advance
2. Katie Biechy, CrossFit Lehigh Valley
3. Krista Ammon, CrossFit Advanced

Masters male winners:
1. Joe Sokolofski, SYR CrossFit
2. Jeffrey Boyd, CrossFit Diamond State
3. Michael Evangelista, CrossFit Rock Solid

Masters female winners:
1. Rise Wood, CrossFit Forward
2. Lori Wallace, Pottstown CrossFit

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