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1) Peter Meshkov
2) Eric Mitchell
3) Matt Mitchell
1) Eric Mitchell
2) Matt Mitchell
1) Ricky Leung
2) Marid Kohdak
3) Eric Mitchell
Youth Foil
1) Arthur Leung
2) Hugh Leung


Sunday July 17, 2016


Gold - Nick Rinker
Silver - Matt Matchell


Gold – Eric Mitchell
Silver – Anastasia Teres


Gold – Matt Mitchell
Silver - Eric Mitchell
Bronze - Anastasia Teres


Congratulations to our 10 & 12 year old Foil Fencing Winners!
Francesca Bartolacci (3ed), Mia Kavitt (2ed), and Eric Katagawa (1st)!
Great Job!
Be In It... Or Just Be There! #sportsfest


Youth Combo Foil Champions

2014 SportsFest Youth Combo Foil Champions
Eric Kitagawa Gold
Nick Rinker Silver
Mia Kavitt Bronze

Senior Mixed Epee

Ryan Mangini Gold
Trenton Bankert Silver
Samantha Hemmeele Bronze

Senior Mixed Saber

Glenn Sheppard Gold
Charles Espenlaub Silver
Mike Malecki Bronze

Senior Mixed Foil

Jacob Stosfedt Gold
Sarita Mizin Silver
Emily Carroll Bronze


Youth Foil

Gold Maia Weintraub
Silver Emily Carroll
Bronze Taylor Duffany

Adult Foil

Gold John Proctor
Silver Sarita Mizin
Bronze Mike Dam

Adult Epee

Gold John Proctor
Silver Sarita Mizin
Bronze Samantha Hemmerle

Adult Sabre

Gold John Proctor
Silver Eric Mitchell
Bronze Nathan Rakos


Youth 10 Boy/Girls Foil
Gold   Mike Jones
Silver   Jack Smith
Bronze   Alejandro Toro
Youth 12 Boys/Girls Foil
Gold   Mike Jones
Silver   Jonathan Adams
Bronze   Liepa Maikenaite
Adult Open Mens/Womens Foil  
Gold   Mark Ritchie
Silver   Dylan Pyne
Bronze   Jennifer DeAngelis
Senior Open Epee  
Gold   Lee Walter
Silver   Willilam Deenan
Bronze   Mark Ritchie


Mixed Foil  Y-12
Gold   Mike Jones
Silver   Randy Renninger
Bronze   Patrick Ritchie
Senior Open Foil
Gold   Sam Goldblattt
Silver   Jenni DeAngelis
Bronze   Mike Dam
Senior Open Sabre  
Gold   Michael Pierce
Silver   Anthony Alvarez
Bronze   Mark Ritchie
Senior Open Epee  
Gold   Sophia Chelnitski
Silver   Trenton Bankert
Bronze   Mark Ritchie

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