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    A special thanks for all the efforts that you put forth to ensure SportsFest's continuing success.

  • 1 Tournament Directors

    Update your event information for the website as early as possible. Preferably by January 31st.

    Do this by:

       1. Copying or printing the info from the website events page.
       2. Make the corrections/changes.
       3. E-mail or fax (610-439-8477) the new/corrected event info to us.

          NOTE: The webmaster will confirm receipt of your information with 24 hours. If you do not hear from the webmaster, it means we did NOT get it. If this happens, please call Ray Atiyeh at 610-439-8978.


       1. Copy your information from the 2007 SportsFest program book.
       2. Make the changes.
       3. Fax the information to 610-439-8477.

         When you have been notified that the info is on the website, please check it. If you need to make corrections or changes, notify the webmaster (webmaster@sportsfest.org) immediately.

  • 2 Updating Your Event Information

    Use the official Lehigh Valley SportsFest, Inc. entry/waiver form only.
    Do NOT alter the entry/waiver form in any way.



    •      If you need additional info from your participants you may add

                additional page(s).

    •      Click here to go to the official Lehigh Valley SportsFest, Inc.

                entry/waiver form page. (PDF)

    •      If you need multiple copies of the official entry/waiver form,

                contact Ray Atiyeh.

    Every player must sign the official Lehigh Valley SportsFest, Inc. entry/waiver form.

    All forms must be turned in to the SportsFest headquarters tent before the event begins. Lehigh Valley SportsFest, Inc. accepts no liability for incomplete or missing entry/waiver forms.

  • 3 Registering Your Participants

    Please order your trophies from

    C. J. Wagner Trophies
    1814 W. Green St.
    Allentown, PA 18104

    fax 610-434-9735


  • 4 Trophy & medal orders

    At Atiyeh Printing (Lehigh Valley SportsFest, Inc. Headquarters), 1002 Tilghman St., Allentown, PA

            You may pick up

                * Information packet / signed agreement with Lehigh Valley SportsFest, Inc.
                * All completed SportsFest entry forms and related fees
                * Parking Permits also will be available on June 20th

    All day Wednesday, July 15th and
    Thursday, July 16th we will be busy
    setting up for SportsFest.

    Friday, July 17th from 12 noon to 5 p.m. *
        At the SportsFest Headquarters Tent, Cedar Beach
        You may pick up

    • Participant & staff shirts
    • Other materials

    Trophies & Medals

        Come to the Headquarters Tent immediately before or after your event or have your champions come to receive their trophies and awards and get their pictures taken.

    * Note: Materials may not be available outside of these times.

    All tournament directors are asked to have a “Current Standings Board” prominently displayed at their event site.
    Since people may be coming to watch part-way through your event it will be helpful to them to know who has won so far and at what point in the competition you are. Therefore we are asking that you display this board and include on it the current standings of your participants as well as the City or Town where they reside.
    This will allow spectators & the media to root for their home teams and participants.

    Thank you.

  • 5 Materials drop-off/pick-up dates

    We will be setting-up between 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Thursday and Friday July 24& 25, 2008.

    During these hours, your help in setting up will be greatly appreciated. You can also get acquainted with the layout of your sport's environment.

    The Hospitality Area is for the use of Sponsors, SportsFest Committee members as well as Sports Directors and their respective staffs. Participants will not be permitted entrance.

  • 6 Setting up for the event

    At the conclusion of your tournament please:

    • Leave your site as clean as possible.
    • Please have your champions come to the Headquarters Tent to receive their trophies and awards and get their pictures taken.


    Immediately after your event is over, come to the Headquarters Tent to:

    • Provide us with the list of your champions. (See "Reporting your SportsFest Champions".)
    • Return all equipment and supplies. You are responsible for returning all materials borrowed (tables, chairs, etc.).
    •  Settle all financial matters with Michael Ellwood. (If other arrangements need to be made contact Ray Atiyeh as soon as possible at 610-439-8978.)

    After your sports events are completed for the day, we encourage you and your athletes to enjoy the other events.

    Thank you, without you we couldn't do it!

    Reporting your SportsFest Champions

    Please have your Champions come to the Headquarters Tent to receive their trophies and awards.

    Our champions web pages are very popular. They are visited by reporters from local and national newspapers and television, by families and friends of participants, by others who are interested in that sport and more. For this reason it is very important that the results of the events are reported accurately and quickly.

    The procedure is as follows:

    1. The information we need for the Champions includes:

    • Full name. Please check the spelling of the names and print legibly. This will help us to assure the champions get the recognition they deserve.
    • City and State they reside in.
    •  Placement in the event (i.e.: 1st, 2nd or 3rd). Please note: the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winners will be posted on the SportsFest web site.

    2. Please include your name, phone number, and e-mail address in case we have any questions.

    3. Please report all your scores and winners to Paulette Kish as soon as this information is available. Report to Paulette in one of the following ways:

    •   In person, at the Headquarters Tent.
    •   Through radio contact.
    •   For the SportsFest weekend ONLY by phone (number to be announced).

    If you are using a computer to record your Champions you can provide us with the information electronically or via e-mail ( webmaster@sportsfest.org ). This will speed up the process of posting them to the website.

    The SportsFest webmaster (Sonja Kustafik) will be at the SportsFest Headquarters Tent Saturday and Sunday so that the results can be posted to the website as soon as each event's new  "Champions" web page has been completed. The reporters from local and national newspapers and television use the website to get the event results.

    Thank you for your assistance with this and your participation in SportsFest.
    We couldn't do it without YOU!

  • 7 "To-Do's" on the day

    If you would like to become a tournament director so that your sport may become part of SportsFest . . .

    1. Consider:

    • Have you ever run a tournament before?
    • How will you recruit participants?
    • Do you have helpers?


    2. Your event should be one that is different from the sports we now have. For example, we would like to see the following sports added:

    • Youth Soccer
    • Softball
    • High School Band Competition
    • Gymnastics Competition
    • Field Hockey
    • Baseball


    3. If you have the will and the energy please contact Ray Atiyeh at 610-439-8978 to discuss the possibilities.

  • 8 Getting your sport added to SportsFest

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