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Lineman Challange HS O

Cedar Beach Park

Is your team superior? Do you think you have what it takes to be considered the best Offensive line in the Lehigh Valley? If you think so then prove it.

The Battle of the Big Men is a competition designed for offensive lineman to have a chance to shine.  Teams of 5 athletes will compete in a series of challenges to test the attributes necessary to succeed as an offensive lineman.  The three teams that finish in the top 3 of the Qualifying Events will compete against each other in the Team Challenges. We are looking for 10 schools to compete in this event and three of those teams will have the chance to battle in the finals to become the overall champion.  We believe this event will bring more excitement to SportsFest and help to continue to build the competitive nature of high school football in the Lehigh Valley.

Location: 20 th Anniversary Sports Fest / Cedar Beach Park Allentown PA

Date: July 14-17 (yet to be determined)

Teams: 5 offensive linemen required per team

Cost: $20 per athlete

Qualifying Events

*185 Bench Press Challenge

*Pro Agility Competition

*Tire Flip Challenge

*Loaded Carry Medley

Finals Events

*Tug of War

*Truck Push

*Obstacle Agility Course Relay

QUALIFYING EVENTS: (These events will determine the Top 3 Teams that will compete for the Team Challenge Round)

Agility Challenge:

Pro-Agility : Times will be collected from one attempt both directions on the 3 cone drill.  1 attempt both directions will be completed.  The purpose is to test efficiency of change of direction. Both times will be averaged for one final time.

Muscular Endurance and Work Capacity Challenge:

Bench Press: Athletes will complete bench press repetition at 185lbs until failure.  Max reps will be recorded and the teams total reps collected amongst each team member will be totaled and ranked for points.

Tire Flip Challenge: time to complete 30 yards of tire flips will be recorded and ranked ( tire weight to be determined)

Loaded Carry Medley: mixture of objects to be transported from point A to point B (20 yards apart) Hexbar Farmers, Sandbag Trainer, Stability Bars, Stone Balls, Chains, K-bells. Time of completion will be recorded and ranked

TEAM CHALLENGE (The 3 Teams that finish in the top 3 for scoring during the Qualifying Events will compete in the Team Challenge)

Tug of War: Five man teams compete in a tug of war.  Each team will face each other 2 times.  Total wins will be ranked and scored.  In the case of a tie for first,  those two teams will do one final pull for winner takes all. Top score of 3 points.  

Truck Push: Team pushes 100 yards for time completion ( 50 Yards down / 50 yards back, 25/24 4 x depending on allotted space) Best time receives a point.

Obstacle Agility Course:  Each participant will run the obstacle course one at a time.  Time elapsed when the last participant crosses the finish line will be recorded.  Best time receives a point.


The qualifying events will be scored and teams will be ranked based on their performance. For the bench press challenge, the team’s max reps will be added together and then the teams will be placed in order from 1st to last.  The top 5 team scores earn 1-5 points.  The highest rep score receiving 5.  Places 6-10 will receive 0 points.  The Pro Agility 20 yard shuttle will be scored in the same way.  The loaded carry medley and tire flip challenge will both be recorded as a team time to completion, ranked according to performance, and scored with the same format.  The 3 teams with the highest score will compete in the final for the overall championship.  Each team will have an opportunity to score 1-3 points per final.  Team with the highest point total from the finals with be our Overall Champion.  


Participants can register online at the following link: Battle of the Big Men Registration

Any questions or inquiries you can contact us at fdonley@warriorfitperformance.org

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