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Celtic Games

Cedar Beach Park
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Heavy Athletics is a term referring to the throwing events in Highland Games. Some believe the term "Heavy" came about due to the implements thrown or to the physical stature of the athletes who perform the events, but in general "heavy" has to do with the heavy or strenuous effort required to perform these feats. Heavy Athletics is made up of six athletic endeavors, which test the contestant’s strength and agility. It is not surprising that versions of many of these events are seen in the Olympics, NCAA Track and Field meets, and Strongman contests as this sport is the grand daddy of all strength sports.

What are the Heavy events:  Sportfest Celtic games Video

Caber toss — This event is what many people associate with the Highland Games. A long tapered wooden pole is balanced vertically on one end. He then runs forward and attempts to toss the pole end over end and land facing directly away. Cabers vary greatly in length, weight, taper and balance, all of which affect the degree of difficulty in making a successful toss.

Stone Put — Similar to the modern-day shot put, however, instead of a steel shot, a large stone of variable weight is often used.

Scottish hammer throw — This event is similar to the hammer throw as seen in modern-day track and field competitions. In the Scottish event, a round metal ball (weighing 16 or 22 lb for the men or 12 or 16 lb for women) is attached to the end of a wooden or other solid material shaft, about 4 feet in length.

Weight throw — This event is also known as the weight for distance event. The weights are made of metal and have a handle either directly attached to the weight or attached to the weight by a chain. The weight is thrown using any technique but with only one hand.

Weight over the bar — This event is also known as weight for height. The athletes attempt to toss a 56 pound (4 stone) weight with an attached handle over a horizontal bar using only one hand.

Extra Events outside of competition:

Irish Super Heavy Two Handed Stone Throw

The Super Heavy Stone Throw with strong Irish Heritage but practiced across many European countries, is a true challenge. For men, the stone must weigh over 112 pounds or 8 stone and for women, a “mere” 56-pound stone is used.

Sterling stone Carry- A test of endurance, grip strength, and mental toughness, the farmers walk is a timed event in which the contestant carries a heavy implement in each hand over a course that is down and back. The contestant cannot set or drop the implement. The fastest time or greatest distance wins.

Events to be Contested:

​Open Stone​, Heavy Stone, ​​Heavy & Light Weight for Distance, Heavy Hammer, ​Weight Over Bar, Caber.​​​​

Additional events: Irish stone toss, Sterling stone carry

Entering the Games:

Athletes must contact:  Kenny or Travis Toth  at  instituteofiron@yahoo.com  Attn: GAMES

Never thrown –like to learn -need to Practice:

We will be holding Throwing practices beginning late April Stay tuned!


Amateur--This is the class you want to try and get into if you are a beginner. The athletes in this class range from first-timers to experienced throwers who are trying to improve enough to compete with the pros. At some Games there can be up to three different Amateur classes to divide up Amateurs of different skill levels.

Master--This class is for throwers of ages 40 and up. The exact range of the age group can vary; usually it is either 40+, 45+, or 50+.

Women--This one is self-explanatory, sometimes it is also divided up into different skilled classes.

Novice—Anyone who has never thrown before * Must attend at least 5 practice sessions



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