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Cedar Beach Park

Organized by Pennsylvania Golden Gloves

The Pennsylvania Golden Gloves has been in existence for the past 40 years. We are a member of the Golden Gloves Association of America, which has been in existence for the past 89 years.

The main goal of our organization is to give the athletes of Pennsylvania the opportunity to become a State, National and International Champion.  Former Pennsylvania Champions, Meldrick Taylor, Tyrell Biggs won Gold Medals at the 1984 Olympics. In 1996, David Reid, one of our Pennsylvania Golden Gloves State Champions won the only gold medal for the United States at the Olympic Games in Atlanta.  In 2004 Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Champions Rock Allen and Chazz Witherspoon were alternate members of the olympic team. In 2011 Arturo Trujullio of Easton and Jesse Hart of Philadelphia won Gold medals. In 2013, Stephen Fulton of Philadelphia won gold and Tyrone Arzeno of Allentown and Kyrone Davis of Delaware won silver medals at the nationals in Salt Lake City Utah. Our team tied for third place. In 2014 in Las Vegas Nv. Christian Carto won gold and Jaron Ennis won silver and our team tied for 4th place. In 2015 Jaron Ennis and Darmoni Rock won Gold while Paul Kroll won silver. Paul eventually qualified for the 2016 Olympic team. In 2016 Allentowns own Joseph Adorno placed 3rd, and Atif Olberton of Philadelphia won Gold in Salt Lake city.  

This years schedule will be:

Saturday, July 16, 2016.  Two Sessions

First session will be Tomorrow's Golden Gloves  Champions (Juniors), which will be prearranged bouts submitted by coach's to Bernard A. Bruni at bruno66@ptd.net   no later than July 1, 2016. Weigh in and physicals will be at 9:30 am.for the noon session. Boxers scheduled for the 5:00 pm show may weigh in at 9:30 am or 3:00 pm. Boxing begins at 12:00 pm noon. (6 to 8 bouts only!!)

Second session will be 8 to 10 bouts in the novice and open divisions. Weigh in and physicals will be at 3:00 pm or boxers may weigh in at 9:30 am. Boxing begins at 5:00pm. (10 bouts only!!) These bouts will be will be televised by service electric cable tv.

Matches submitted must have boxers name, age, birthdate, record, weight class/division, registration number, phone number and email address. Coaches must have gym name, registration number along with certification information. All participants must have current passbooks. Coaches are encouraged to make a rematch of boxers from our 2016 tournament.

For any other info please visit our web site at pagoldengloves.com or call Bernard A. Bruni at 570-527-6524 or email bruno66@ptd.net or Lola Cariello 561-271-0552 or palmland1748@comcast.net

Final bouts will be announced on July 7, 2016 

All boxers MUST have current passbooks. All officials and coach's MUST have passbooks and be registered and certified. Thanks, God Bless........

Location: Cedar Beach Park - Hamilton Boulevard Exit from I -78


Saturday 9am-10pm

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