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Cedar Beach Park
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Dodgeball is a co-ed sport for players 18+. Each team has 8 players (at least 3 female players). Players on each team are called out by: getting hit by a ball thrown from the opposing team, an opposing team member catches a ball you threw, a ball thrown knocks a ball from your hand, stepping out of bounds. Teams will play a 25 minute match.  The team that wins the most games in the 25 minutes will win the match.  In the event of a tie, teams will play a best 2-out-of-3 set for overtime. There will be a ref at each game, players are expected to go out based on their own honesty.


Tournament Overview:

The dodgeball tournament format will depend on the number of teams, with the winning team EARNING a gift card to one of our sponsor bars!



The fee for each team is $100 per team, and teams may register online by clicking the link below. ($3.50 processing fee) Teams will owe referee fees before the start of each match of $5/team per match.

Click here to register online


Mark info@playlvsports.com

P: 484-891-0762


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Lehigh Valley Sport and Social - It is all FUN and GAMES!

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Some of our Leagues Include -

  • Volleyball (Sand and Indoor)
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  • Touch Football
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