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Dog Agility

Cedar Beach Park
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We would like to thank everyone who made this year's Agility trial a success and to congratulate our 2016 overall winners:

Sherry Lynch Cinnamon 1st Place 8" Jump Height - Novice Level
Sherry Lynch Austyn 1st Place 8" Jump Height - Beginner Level
Mary Basu Gus 1st Place 12" Jump Height - Champion Level
Donna Staivecki Streak 1st Place 16" Select Jump Height - Champion Level
Valerie Henry Han 1st Place 20" Jump Height - Novice Level
Donna Staivecki Usa 1st Place 20" Jump Height - Champion Level
Yale West Edward 1st Place 22" Jump Height - Champion Level


We hope to see you back next year. For year round action visit us online at K9JYM.COM.


The Bouncin' Bowsers Dog Agility Club and the K9JYM of Colmar PA will sponsor an agility competition and workshop. The agility ring will be located off Linden Street across from the J. Birney Crum Arena.

Agility is a sporting event in which one dog and one human work together so the dog can successfully navigate through a series of obstacles such as tunnels, jumps, and an a-frame. Each run is timed. The goal is to run the course, completing all elements successfully. Placements are determined by who can do this in the quickest time for their height class.

The Saturday competitions will be a sanctioned trial under the rules of the UK Agility International (UKI). For more information about UKI, to download the premium, and to register online viisit UKAgilityInternational.com. Once online registration close we will be accepting "day-of-trial regsitrations" but suggest that you email you regsitration information in advance.

On Sunday morning we will hold a workshop open to the public to participate and all dogs are welcome to participate reguardless of experience. 

We would like to extend an invitation for all dog agility clubs or dog related clubs to join us to help make Sportsfest a success.

Vendors are welcome but must register in advance. Contact us for more information.

For information about other K9JYM events visit: www.k9jym.com.

If your rescue group is interested in participating please contact us.

Contact person: Dane or Donna, 610-258-1811, e-mail: dane@k9ym.com

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