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Cedar Beach Park

We welcome you to watch one of the oldest, longest running sports of the Modern Olympic Games.  Evolved from dueling and combat, it is a sport that requires athletic prowess as well as in-depth strategy and tactics which is why it is often referred to as ‘physical chess”. 

LOCATION: Cedar Beach Park

Events Scheduled:

Saturday: youth saber, open saber, open epee

Sunday: youth foil, open foil

Fencing registration now open!  Sign up on FRED at https://askfred.net/Events/Prereg/prereg.php?tournament_id=33763

Schedule (subect to change):

Youth (Y14) saber: Saturday, 10:30

Open saber: Saturday, 11:30

Open epee: Saturday, 1:15 

Youth (Y14) foil: Sunday, 11:00

Open foil: Sunday, 1:00

Please e-mail Matt Mitchell with any inquiries: mdmitchell@comcast.net

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