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Flag Football

Cedar Beach- Rose Gardens

Please email me at matt831227@yahoo.com to get registered today!!!

FLAG FOOTBALL - 2 divisions this year 

Elite - $2000 TO THE CHAMPIONS!!!!

This division will allow downfield blocking and show some of the top talent from the area and surrounding states. Each team will be guaranteed 4 games, 3 on Saturday and at least 1 on Sunday. Entry fee is $450 per team. 

Pro - $1000 TO THE CHAMPIONS!!!!

This division WILL NOT allow downfield blocking but will still have great athletes from around the area and beyond competing at a high level. Each team will be guaranteed 4 games, 3 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday. Entry fee is $350 per team. 

The 5-on-5 Flag Football Tournament at Sportsfest has grown into the premiere flag football tournament in the region!  The largely entertaining event is played on a field that is 25 yards wide by 50 yards long, the same as an arena field.  This makes scoring come at a premium!  Each team only has 5 downs to score with no first downs except from a penalty. Some penalties are assessed in yards while some add or subtract downs from the team.

Please email me your team information to secure a spot. We may have to cap the number of teams in each division so the sooner you get me your information the better. 

Tournament Organizer:

Matt Marcks, tournament director email: matt831227@yahoo.com 610-295-2174

Please make checks out to Matt Marcks and mail to:

PO Box 465

Whitehall, Pa 18052


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