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Roller Hockey

Cedar Beach Park
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Schedule will be posted Friday July 14th

  If you enjoy watching Airwolf and wearing breathe right nasal strips, then you will love playing in Tyler Perry’s 20th annual Sportsfest roller hockey tournament in July 2017. In this “battle of the ball” teams compete in a well-rounded robin style format of gameplay to become black top champions. The most anticipated event since Y2K, lot wizards from the Greater Lehigh Valley and Alburtis gather to demonstrate almost as many moves as millennials make in their young careers. Your $225 entry fee will feed a hungry child in Nesquehoning and secure glorious unforgettable moments of parental misbehavior and spiritual fulfillment. Voted the best outdoor tournament by the editors of Tiger Beat magazine. Cedar Beach is filled with rare Pokemon’s, imaginary friends that look like Tony Danza with a dish towel on his shoulder, Uncle Ray's continous improvement etiquette learning stations, as well as a stream that overflows with a ¼” of rain.  Step over the boards and begin to live.

  This year has the return of past champions such as: Camel Tootsies, Hot Berries, Plum Nasty, No It’s Not, Rump Rangers, and Tan Lavender; all looking to repeat their past success. Local personalities will also be stopping by like Buck Chocolate, Tom Murphy, Smigs, Legend/Icon King Allentown, various members of ‘Sup Ladies, ponies, William Alfred Parker Jr., The Grape Smuggler, and Hank from the Stoners. Absolutely no camp fires, finger fidgets, invisible dogs kept in invisible fences, planking, jostling or duck faces allowed.  Crushing food (not to be confused with Candy Crush) with good friends is encouraged and is also a wonderful Facebook Live opportunity.

    The tournament will be round robin format with futuristic time keeping and scoring. Games will be two fourteen minute periods if time and weather permit. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of three games. Tendies have the option of wearing keds, punjai boots, skates or utilizing a hoverboard. Players may wear tee shirts, tight rolled jeans, parachute pants, fishing vests or tackle twill mesh. Barebacking is prohibited.  Player rosters may be changed up until the start of a team's first scheduled game or when Moser's mom yells.

   Special events will be Jimmy’s goalie stick throwing clinic and the history of the parade lift. Both taking place behind the hockey tent directly in front of Castle Grayskull.

-$225.00 ENTRY FEE-

- Registration Deadline July 12th

***14-17 Intermediate Division and Adult Divisions only***: Each Team will be required to provide one player to referee the ensuing game after each game during the Round-Robin portion of the tournament (excludes playoffs and finals).

This year the divisions will be broken down as follows:

-Adult SILVER Division--Ages 16 and up.

-Adult BRONZE Division--  Ages 16 and up.

-Youth Division--10 & under

-Junior Division--11-13 years of age

-Intermediate Division--14-17 years of age

**Age is determined as of January 1st of the current year**

Location: Cedar Beach Park
Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.


-Email: SportsfestRollerHockey@gmail.com

You may also stop by at Cedar Beach Friday (after 2:00 p.m.) during setup for the tournament.

Tournament Sponsor: Los Staublos  

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T $225

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