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Roller Hockey

Cedar Beach Park



UPDATE (7/14/16):  No roster restrictions for the ADULT BRONZE DIVISION as previously stated. 

Schedule will be posted Friday July 15th

The inaugural 19th annual roller hockey tournament just west of the NIZ and the former Hess’s Department Store is expected to be the best roller ball social scene of the new millennium according to millennials, comparable only to hearing Adele for your first time.  Sign up your team today for free, however, all you pay is the tax of $225 per team to embark on a journey with your compadres through a multi-tiered and tightly bracketed round-robin style of game play to become a Sportsfest jawn.

Teams sporting man-buns and beards traveling from such distant towns like Upper Black Eddy, Topton, and East Petersburg will arrive via Uber to compete and challenge the local talent. Hop over the short walls of the Border Patrol boards and reap the rewards.  Feel the sustainable energy and pack extra glutens for the event as you snap chat and post emojis for everything you do including score goals, fake a pass, warm the bench, people-watch, lose a wheel, and try your best attempt at a one-legged slap shot, perfected by William Alfred “mushroom” Parker.

Couple that with announcements flowing over the loudspeaker by the silky smooth voice of Bob "Smutty" Reynolds, and it’s an overwhelming magical experience that will compel you to perform and create everlasting memes.  When the action calms down, don’t forget your Vinny Gering model Speedo as you’ll want to cool off in the Cedar Beach pool (or Cedar Creek may be more appropriate for some).

The only tournament in Pennsylvania with roombas, beatboxing, unlimited Candy Crush Saga invites, lightsabers, dad-bods, jock and mandals, the Sham Wow guy, Reek's dog Dingo, Juan’s Deere, meaningless tattoos, the General Lee, free range chickens, cyber-bullies and Mr. Roper. There is fun for the whole family and just minutes from Dorney Park and Lupo’s. 

The tournament will be a round-robin format. Each team is guaranteed a minimum of three games. Goalglovers have the option of skates or alternative protection for their foot fingers. Players may wear slim fit mock turtleneck tee shirts or jerseys and long as the nipples are concealed. Games will be running time utilizing a fitness tracker with two fourteen minute periods if time and Matt Broderick’s weather forecast permit. Player rosters may be changed up until the start of a team's first scheduled game.

-$225.00 ENTRY FEE-

- Registration Deadline July 12th

***14-17 Intermediate Division and Adult Divisions only***: Each Team will be required to provide one player to referee the ensuing game after each game during the Round-Robin portion of the tournament (excludes playoffs and finals).

This year the divisions will be broken down as follows:

-Adult SILVER Division--Ages 16 and up.

-Adult BRONZE Division--  Ages 16 and up.

-Beginner Division--7 & under

-Youth Division--10 & under

-Junior Division--11-13 years of age

-Intermediate Division--14-17 years of age

**Age is determined as of January 1st of the current year**

Team size is limited to twelve (10) skaters (2) goalies and (1) Unfriended Facebook Friend for a total of 13 roster players.

Team trophies, prizes, and Soccer team patches will be awarded to the first and second place finishers in each division.

Location: Cedar Beach Park

Saturday: 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Sunday: 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.

-Tournament Director: Tom Tomasic    (610) 533-2002 

-Assistant Director:   Scott Vanaski  (610) 751-7309

-Email: SportsfestRollerHockey@gmail.com

PARKING PASSES-  2 per team.  Please contact Tom Tomasic @ (610) 533-2002. 

You may also stop by at Cedar Beach Friday (after 2:00 p.m.) and pick up as we'll be setting up for the tournament.

Tournament Sponsor: Los Staublos  

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T $225

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